What we do

Outsource your accounting

Leave the daily accounting to us. You can hire us for longer or shorter periods of time which frees time for more business oriented activities.
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Outsource your payroll services

Ensures that salaries will always be paid on time, that regulations and laws will be adhered to and that there will be a high degree of confidentiality regarding company salary costs as well as individual salaries.
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Strengthen your Human Resource Department

Let us help you administrate your workforce and to attract, recruit and develop key competences for your company.
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Professional consultants at your disposal

We have a highly motivated and competent team of senior, authorized accounting consultants.
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Why choose BTR?


Highly trained professionals


With BTR as your partner in financial and HR administration, you get the benefit of working with highly skilled, experienced and professional specialists with international experience …

Modern technology

… and the latest technology always at your disposal.

A deeper understanding

Our long and wide experience with international companies enables us to really understand your situation and your specific demands and challenges and their impact on areas touching on our services.


Agile, fast and nimble


We offer services in outsourcing and/or recruitment as well as specialized consultancy.

Horizontal combination

We strive to combine these services in a way that best suits every client’s unique needs.

Vertical adaptability

If circumstances change we are always open to modify a certain service combination and/or to increase and/or decrease certain aspects of these services.


We genuinely care


You will be treated with warmth and a genuine commitment to your company and the people who work there.

True interest

As your partner we care about what happens to your company and we therefore always try to see and convey ideas and ways of doing things that might help you improve your operations within our area of expertise.

Up to date

We will also keep you up to date with relevant financial reporting and related legislative and tax issues throughout the annual cycle.





We are a full service bureau where you can get a wide range of services from outsourcing to recruiting and from administrative to highly complex HR services.

Clients choose BTR because of the quality of our services and the warm and personal way that our staff receive them and their enquiries.