Focus on your business

Learning the complex regulatory environment of any country can be a daunting experience. Add a different language, culture and a frequently changing regulatory environment and the challenge of managing regulatory compliance is compounded.


A reporting system which fits specific needs as well as tailored charts of accounts should be a given in any company and definitely in yours. BTR use modern, efficient methods and the latest software technology to offer our clients the most efficient and timesaving accounting processes available.


Key financial decisions must be based on hard data. This makes effective management reporting vital. We can set up your chart of accounts in the language of your choice to ensure that you receive the correct management reports when you need them, the way you want them.


Up-to-date, professionally handled sales ledgers improve the reliability of
profit calculation and give you an easy overview of receivables. You can choose to let us track your receivables and send invoice reminders. Regarding purchase ledgers, we offer electronic, web based approval systems for payments that are easily accessed regardless of time and location.

Annual Closings

We are used to serving our international clients within statutory accounting, IFRS accounting as well as management accounting. These services can also be bought separately, apart from our other bookkeeping services.

We willingly help you build a system that works optimally for you.